Whether you're in and out of a customer's home or up and down on the job site, you need your pants to stay put. Truewerk's first ever WerkBelt will ensure that plumber's crack is a thing of the past.


  • 1.5" width
  • 53" long - just trim to your size
  • G-Hook Buckle
  • Not Load Rated

How to Cut the Tail

  1. Unroll the belt, lay flat and measure the desired length (make sure you have 6"-10" of tail). Mark the measurement and always measure twice!
  2. Cut the webbing along your measurement mark with scissors in a single fluid motion to avoid jagged edges.
  3. Take a lighter and carefully apply enough heat to melt the cut edge.
  4. While the edge is still warm, use pliers to compress the ends of the fabric together.