T.5 WerkHoody

  • Most traditional 100% cotton shirts block only about 5-10% of sun's UV rays – old worn-out shirts block even less. On job sites where the application and retention of sunblock lotion is often impractical, our T.5 WerkFabric's UPF protection blocks more than 90% of the UV rays.

    The T.5 WerkFabric's ability to quickly absorb moisture and promote evaporative heat loss enhances the body's natural cooling, keeping you not only more comfortable but also reducing fluid loss which leads to dehydration.

    In contrast to the performance fabrics offered in the recreational and sports markets, our Werkfabric has been engineered to score 4.5+ out of 5 for pick resistance – making it tough enough to survive repeated encounters with tree bark, wire rope, rough-sawn timber, and abrasive code inspectors.