Welcome to the Truewerk Ambassador Program

Welcome to the inaugural Truewerk Industrial Athlete Ambassador Team. We’re proud to be working with you on this project and to have you as part of the Truewerk family. Getting started with this program is easy. Just follow a few steps:


How Do I Get Started?

Accept the Terms and Conditions:


What Happens Next?

In late October, you will receive a shipment of Truewerk clothing, which will include one pair of TK pants and one TK jacket. In exchange, you need to do the following:

  • Create 10 social posts over the next three months. They can be a combination of photos and video. Tag Truewerk in each one. On Instagram, please use the hashtags #truewerk and #industrialathlete.
  • Send us a combination of 15 photos/videos. Please send 5 in October, 5 in November and 5 in December. Truewerk will promote your work on our social channels. We will tag you as the creator when we post. These content pieces can include the 10 you posted to your social.    

What Should My Photos or Video Include?

  • One of your 10 posts should clearly feature the jacket and briefly describe what you like about it.
  • One of your 10 posts should clearly feature the pants and briefly describe what you like about them.
  • Tag Truewerk in your photos/videos on Facebook or Instagram, and use #truewerk and #industrialathlete on Instagram.  
  • Be authentic. Be real to your life. Logos are nice, but authenticity is the most important aspect. This is about showing how you put Truewerk to the test in your business. 
  • Don’t be a brand shill; Keep it real. (See above) Your social posts don't need to include comments about Truewerk clothing every time.   
  • Deliver content to us via the Dropbox link we will provide you. If you have any questions or concerns, email keith@truewerktools.com.