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Join the Truewerk Ambassador Team

Join Our Ambassador Team 

Truewerk clothing is built for, and by, today's industrial athletes — those arborists, tower climbers and builders who push themselves to the limit and demand workwear that enhances their health, comfort and productivity on the job-site. 
Each season, beginning this Fall, we're drafting a team of ambassadors to help spread the word about their work in Truewerk WerkWear. We're looking for ambassadors who love to work hard and tell the stories of their work life on social media. Each member will receive a few items from Truewerk's cool-cold weather WerkWear collection in exchange for helping Truewerk tell its story on social media.

How it Works:

  1. Prospective Truewerk Ambassadors sign up below to be considered to join the team.
  2. Throughout September, we'll be looking for people who work hard and tell a great story on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.
  3. The team will be selected in early October and all team members will receive a shipment of Truewerk fall clothing a few weeks later in exchange for helping tell the story of their work and how Truewerk fits into their lifestyle. 
  4. Team members are on the program for three months, then the team rolls over at the end of year.
  5. Existing team members can apply again to join the Spring / Summer team. 


  1. Each Ambassador athlete is expected to post to social media about their work life, showcasing Truewerk gear and how it’s used in the field.
  2. Ambassadors are also required to send a few photos to Truewerk for our channels, and are requested to help with product launches by sharing and helping promote content on social media.
Interested? Apply here: