G270 werkfabric

G270 is a rip-stop woven, cotton / Cordura nylon blend fabric featuring 2-way stretch, a DWR coating and extremely highly abrasion resistance. 
For applications involving sparks and non-propagating flame (e.g. grinding, welding, etc.) G270 was engineered to burn rather than melt while maintaining the superior strength and abrasion resistance of our synthetic werkfabrics. The result is a fabric that's significantly tougher and more durable than similar weight cotton duck while maintaining the favorable non-melting characteristics of cotton.
The 3% spandex creates a 2-way weft stretch that insures full mobility and comfort without the 'wear in / out' period required of cotton duck.  


All fabrics can snag and tear, including the G270 WerkFarbic. In comparison to denim or cotton duck used on traditional workwear we engineered a number of features into the G270 to aid in snag and tear resistance:
1) The inclusion of ~30% Cordura Nylon increases the ultimate strength of the fabric by about 300% over 100% cotton fabrics of similar weight. This directly effects the amount of force required to start a tear and increases the force required to propagate the tear. 
2) The fabric contains about 2-3% spandex and is woven to provide quite a bit of "wept" direction stretch. Fabric has 'grain' much like wood and metal -- "warp" is the 'with-grain' direction and 'wept' is the 'against the grain direction". You can think about the effect of this stretch like the difference between fast-acting vs. slow-blow fuses - having stretch in the fabric gives the fabric a chance to 'absorb and release' the snag before a tear begins and also dissipates the forces of the snag throughout a greater area of the fabric. 
3) The rip-stop pattern (created by the periodic inclusion of thicker / stronger thread) in combination  with the elastic in the fabric work to stop the propagation of tears, thus limiting the size of the tear during the snag and also reducing the tear's ability to grow during use following the initial snag. 
front face back face
G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic
G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic
G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic G270 WerkFabric Mircoscopic


Mid-weight pants and shirts requiring high strength and abrasion resistance in applications with flame potential. 
Construction of durable pockets, packs and accessories.  


  • High abrasion resistant
  • 2-way stretch comfort
  • High tear toughness
  • Water resistant
  • No melt / no drip 
  • Not flame resistent -- should not be used in applications with FR requirements
  • Cotton content will limit cold weather performance when wet



Composition: 69% cotton, 28% Cordura Nylon, 3% Spandex

Weight: 270 GSM (grams / sq. meter) | 7.8 oz / sq. yrd

Construction: 70D+40D * 70D + 40D/150D

Treatments: durable water resistant 

Performance tests: 

  • Abrasion resistance ASTM D4966: >20,000 cycles
  • Seam strength: warp 66.7-lbs, weft 64.8-lbs
  • Tensile strength ASTM D5034-GRAB: warp 168-lbs, weft 87.9-lbs
  • Tearing strength ASTM D1424-ELMENDORF: warp 6.8-lbs, weft 3.5-lbs
  • Color fastness: 4-5 (out of 5)



Machine washable. Pre-treat stains. Dry on low setting.Can be ironed on medium heat setting.

Embroiders well. Will accept screen printed and heat-transferred logos designed for cotton / nylon blend fabrics. 



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