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Being engineers, builders and general gear-heads ourselves, one of our core values here at Truewerk has always revolved around the innate bond between man and machine. So when we got word from the crew over at Bluestone Tree that they were going to be taking down a grand ol' cherry tree (which was in declining health) while foregoing the use of modern machinery we were intrigued...especially knowing that these guys possess a Delta Force style arsenal of arb machines!

At the end of the day, an epically long day, they managed to get the big job done. It required as much or more effort than could have been reasonably anticipated. And the awesome video below of the day captured only a small portion of this toil, and the satisfaction that came from it.    

What I found most interesting was the reaction on social media which ranged from "respect, nice work[fist-bump]!" to "why bother?"...with more than a few of the "why bothers?". Perhaps the adage, "if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand" applies? Or perhaps it's simply that the use of more primitive tools, be that a hand saw for cutting down trees or a bow for hunting, seems to connect us to our craft in ways we sometimes loose with more complex and powerful tools. And that there is real value lost when we fail to make that connection. 

At Truewerk, our work is also surrounded by massively powerful state-of-the-art tools. We run a modern "digitally native" apparel company which leverages the most technically advanced fabrics and construction techniques in the world. We have access to highly automated customer management systems, platforms for order management and services to insure that we're in constant contact with thousands of people we've never met.

For most companies today the option to build and sell product to everyone without ever connecting with anyone has become as much the default as the chainsaw. So when we revert to more primitive means of hand written letters, making phone calls or spending time training with our customers in the field, we often hear the same responses of "respect, nice work [fist-bump]!" and plenty of "why bothers". For us the rationale is simple: too much "heavy machinery" can abstract us from the connection to the product we craft and the people we serve.

Saw and Truewerk Card

So if you get a call, or a letter, or an Instagram DM from us, know that this is more work for us than letting automated messages take over, but we feel this effort is part of what turns customers into community...and brings a sense of purpose and joy to the work we do. 

Many thanks to the Bluestone crew in Bloomington, IN for the inspiration and excellent work! We hope you enjoy their video below which was produced by the talented team over at Sound & Silence Films...

- brian


A Tree Story, with Bluestone Tree from Bluestone Tree on Vimeo.



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Kyle Stumpenhorst
Kyle Stumpenhorst

November 22, 2016

That video was super well done. Cool story, even though no words were spoken.

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