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September 18, 2015

Truewerk began from the belief that we could make today’s workers safer, more comfortable and more productive by creating workwear using modern materials, greater attention to detail and a stronger connection to the job-site.

Truewerk was equally founded on a simple but strong conviction that business should be a platform for advancing humanity, not just profiting from it.

In this post I felt it was important to layout three of the driving values and beliefs that shape Truewerk, from how we design our products, to who we sponsor and how we sell our gear. Though significant for us today, overtime you’ll see them increasingly reflected in our products, promotions, imagery and, most importantly, in how we work and live our lives.

- Brian



Built to Build: Physical Strength & Durability

We believe in developing the physical capacity to do and endure doing work.

We train for operations than extend beyond our routine so to insure that when called upon we have physical stamina to safely get the job done, and return home to our families.  Not just today and tomorrow but for decades to come.

We see too many of today’s workers reaching their mid-life injured, overweight and tired. Their ability to contribute is compromised and so is their ability to enjoy life. We value long, productive and enjoyable careers and we strive to make the choices, and investments, required to achieve them.




Applied Mind: Education, Character & Skill

We believe in developing knowledge, character and advanced skill-sets because they amplify the contribution of our hard work and dedication.


We know that our effectiveness is founded in how well we anticipate and prepare for what needs to be done. We are constantly looking for new information, better ways of working, deeper understanding of problems and more effective means of resolving them. We take pride in being well informed and we appreciate the nuances involved in making wise and informed decisions - difficult choices are rarely simple, and we do not take them lightly.  


From podcasts and certificate programs, to college training and apprentice / mentor relationships, we continually seek ‘high-value’ education -- education that most effectively increases our capacity to contribute for the least investment of time and money.





Man & Machine

We believe in, and celebrate, the innate bond between man and machine.

We leverage the best modern tools and technology available to ensure our safety and drive our effectiveness --- and as importantly, we find a connection to those tools which brings joy and meaning to the work we contribute while using them.

We envision a world where form still follows function. Where technology and innovation still support the pursuit of progress. Were modern man and modern machine can still understand one another and continue their work together.


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