150 Years of Cotton Canvas Clothing Is Enough - Truewerk Unveils Next-Gen Workwear.

September 01, 2015

With state-of-the-art fabrics and function-rich designs, this Colorado-based start-up is out to redefine the workwear category.

Boulder, CO (Sept. 2015)- Truewerk, maker of high-performance technical workwear, announces the launch of its new 4-pcs Fall-Winter System.  The system, which features state-of-the-art fabrics such as 4-way stretch softshells and waterproof-breathable membranes, has been methodically developed to keep workers on the jobsite safer, more comfortable and more productive than traditional cotton denim and canvas clothing.

“Most workwear in the US was developed over 150 yrs ago for use during the Gold Rush and on the Transcontinental Railroad, and it was great back then”, explains Brian Ciciora, Truewerk’s founder and president. “But because it absorbs and retains water, offers almost no stretch and is extremely bulky for its warmth,  heavy denim and ‘duck’ canvas clothing is becoming obsolete for most work beyond the desk or coffee shop".

The new brand found its inspiration from sophisticated clothing systems employed by elite military personnel and professional mountain guides.Building on those platforms, Truewerk’s design team optimized the system for use in modern professional trades - from surveyors and rope access technicians, to solar panel installers, roofers and heavy equipment operators.

This approach has created workwear that is sensible, unprecedentedly versatile and capable of withstanding the most arduous conditions on the planet. For the worker on the job-site, this means not only presenting a cleaner, more professional look but also improved mobility, comfort over a greater temperature / precip range, reduced weight and bulk and longer lasting clothing.

“The guys on the job-site today are doing tremendously dangerous work, in adverse weather, under huge time and cost pressures. To support their needs, simple tweaks to the status quo aren’t going to cut it," says Ciciora. " That’s why at Truewerk we’re on a mission to completely redefine the workwear category -- we’ve dedicated ourselves to drastically improving the performance, functional detailing and appearance of the clothing systems these guys rely on to keep them safe, comfortable and productive.”

The Fall Winter System, which is currently available via Truewerk’s online storefront (www.truewerktools.com), includes:

  • “Welter-weight” Wind Jacket: ultra-packable (stores inside its chest pocket) with wicking quick-dry liner and stretch-nylon outer fabric with DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating. $129
  • Double Stitch Softshell Jacket and Pant both featuring a waterproof-breathable membrane, bonded fleece lining and four-way stretch fabrics. $189 & $169 respectively
  • Brickhouse Parka with 150-g UHL (Ultra-High Loft) synthetic insulation, precision tapered sleeves which keep forearm fabric from blocking view of or being entangled with equipment and Truewerk’s innovative DAV (D-ring Anchor Vent) which enables the parka to be worn over a body harness - making it safer and easier to add and remove layers on the job-site. $279

Expect to see more from the company in the near future as it’s developing a Spring-Summer line for release in 2016 which will build on the advancements in fabric technology, construction techniques and innovative “on-site developed” features incorporated in the Fall-Winter system.

About Truewerk.

Truewerk, based in Boulder, Colorado, is an emerging brand crafting a new generation of high-performance workwear and accessories. Its customers include building contractors, repair and installation technicians, heavy equipment operators and other workers whose jobs require state-of-the-art clothing systems to keep them safe, comfortable and productive. The company is focused on improving the safety and prosperity of workers in the field through innovative product designs, customer-centric sales channels and the support of educational training programs aimed at advancing the knowledge base and skill set of our workforce.  Learn more at www.truewerktools.com

Press contact: Lucinda Schuettpelz | press@truewerktools.com


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