A Sticker?

July 31, 2015


For some it’s just a sticker...BUT for us, our Truewerk decal is much more. It’s our logo, a simple representation of our brand, our values and what we believe in. When applied to our trucks, toolboxes and thermoses it tells people something about who we are and how we work. For these reasons, we take how it is designed and produced seriously.

 Unlike simple die cut, ‘peel and stick’ stickers, our vinyl decals are first cut on a CNC plotter – a knife cuts each letter out one at a time. The ‘background’ material is then removed by hand in a process known as ‘weeding’. At this point, the decal is laminated with a contact sheet with is removed before applying the decal to the surface. It’s highly detailed, time-consuming work performed we have performed at TopShelf Printers.

We feel our decals are a reflection of the precision and persistence, we put into everything we make at Truewerk. We wear them with pride. And hope you will too. 

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