Concrete vs. Bugatti: form & function

August 14, 2015

 "Form follows function" became a guiding mantra of architects and industrial designers of the modernist movement in the early 20th century. The idea being that shape, color and overall design should be driven by the intended use of the building or product. The Bugatti 57 from the late 30s being one of my favorite examples of this done well - where aerodynamics and a wide wheel stance were built into a work of art. In general, form following function remains a guiding principle for us at Truewerk today. 

While on-site this week, I enjoyed thinking about how concrete 'forms' (the systems used to hold concrete in place while it's poured and set) give rise to it's shape, and ultimately its utility. Perhaps with concrete, function follows form? Admittedly, this might be as much a play on the term 'form' as anything. But the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into setting the forms struck me - as did the fact that these intricate structures are removed and forgotten hours after they are established.

So here are some photos from the day -- next time you see a proud concrete structure, I hope you'll take a second to imagine the forms, and craftsmen, that made it so... 

- Brian

























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